About us


Histo-Partner is a brand of the Science Services GmbH and was founded 2015 to provide histologists and cytologists with an individually selected range of products.

For over 40 years SCIENCE SERVICES has been an excellent partner in providing systems and materials for sample preparation in microscopy and ultracentrifugation. We are trusted by scientific and industrial laboratories throughout the globe.

Alan C. Wallace founded SCIENCE SERVICES in 1976. His background was as an engineer for pioneering companies in the electron-microscopy field. In 2006 he met Stefan Schöffberger, physics engineer and at the time lab manager of a nanotechnology cleanroom at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. They finally agreed on the company take-over and Stefan became CEO / CTO of SCIENCE SERVICES in October, 2007.

Since the foundation SCIENCE SERVICES has been run with a high degree of technical understanding when it comes to manufacturing hairpin filaments and distributing highly specialised laboratory equipment.

Today SCIENCE SERVICES offers over 20,000 products from a select group of specialist manufacturers with whom a longstanding relationship has been formed.

The core of our offering is microscopy and ultracentrifugation for material and life sciences. However, many of our products are also used in other areas.

We also manufacture hairpin cathodes for electron microscopes and x-ray applications. These are delivered internationally to OEMs undertaking X-ray analysis, X-ray microscopy and electron microscopy. These items are primarily used in material analysis and quality control.


SERVICE drives all aspects of our business. Our aim is to ensure researchers and developers minimise time spent searching for materials and searching out information about proper use. We believe:

  • Technology needs to function and achieve your objectives in an easy and reliable manner.
  • Chemical purity must be to appropriate levels to ensure the smallest details are visible.
  • Information should be readily available, easy to absorb and reliable.

We understand SERVICES to encompass a willingness to advise, communicate and inform. With our experience we support research facilities in the procurement, usage and maintenance of highly specialised products.


Alongside professionalism in our field, we also make a continued effort to create a positive impact on our environment where possible. As part of our responsibility to future generations we support important social projects and the development of sustainable technology. See below for some of the organisations and movements that we support.