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Zeiss Primo Star binocular microscopy

Zeiss Primo Star, biological upright microscope in various models

High Performance for Education, Laboratory, doctors-practice and field. Primo Star has been developed with long-term use and great durability in mind. This microscope is available in different variants for serval applications. Primo Star is robust, easy to operate, equipped with good optics, flexible through its modularity with an excellent price/performance ratio.

LABOMED, CxL, Binokular


The CxL is designed for both classroom and laboratory environments and asserts flawless functionality. The highly modular CxL can offer you a high degree of performance for various applications. This model has a fresh design and delivers a rugged exterior with quality optical and mechanical ingredients for a lifetime of carefree use.
LABOMED, Lx 400, Binokular Mikroskop


The Lx 400 with its truly modular system can be used from the most basic to the more complex laboratory applications. This model is reflecting innovations in optical design, mechanical engineering, and illumination concepts. All contact surfaces are treated with antimicrobial agents to ensure zero point-of-contact bacterial contamination.
LABOMED, Lx 500, Binocular


The Lx 500 is the outcome of a combinatin of word-class technology and design innovation. With its feature rich configuration and a host of accessories, the Lx 500 is a versatile and fully extendable research microscope. All contact surfaces are treated with antimicrobial agents to ensure zero point-of- contact bacterial contamination.
OPTECH, Biostar B3, Binokular Mikroskop, HAL Beleuchtung

OPTECH, Biostar B3

Biological microscope particularly suited both to routine analysis and educational use. Although it uses fully coated optical components throughout, resulting in reduced cromatic aberration and has numerous accesories available, it remains competitively priced.