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LYNX II Gewebeeinbettautomat für die Histologie

LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor for Histology

Sku: EL12601

LYNX II is designed to be the successor of Lynx Tissue Processor with several enhancements including capabilities to perform optional processing of larger size samples for Histology.

The LYNX II holds 12 reagent vials for HP processing. The LYNX II has two, independently controlled, heating/cooling stations.

Lynx Process Accelerator (LPA)

LYNX Process Accelerator (LPA)

Sku: ELX12668
Developed for the time consuming step of wax infiltration during Paraffin processing of histological samples. The Lynx Process Accelerator (LPA) allows a high sample throughput without compromising quality of the wax infiltration step. With temperature control and vacuum for reduction of air inclusions. Fits max. 15 HP embedding cassettes.
HistoPro® 200 Paraffin Infiltration Processor

HistoPro® 200 Paraffin Infiltration Processor

Sku: E62596-10

The HistoPro® 200 offers a unique paraffin infiltration capability with programmable processing time and temperature in an easy to use and compact package. Agitation and vacuum optimize paraffin infiltration. For up to 100 embedding cassettes and a capacity of up to 2l paraffin.