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7000smz-2, 5100mz-Plus and 5100mz

The 7000smz-2 unit with a sub-micron Z-axis deflection and a blade advance controllable to 10µm/s. The 5100mz-Plus and 5100mz are very competitively priced high precision units with a Z-axis deflection of 1-2µm and 5-8µm and a blade advance controllable to 10µm/s. On all units, the section thickness step size is 0.001mm. The 7000smz-2 and 5100mz-Plus are supplied with their own Z-axis calibration verifier.

All types of sectioning are possible including sectioning for visual
patching of neurological tissue, heart, and lung, and much more...

The effect of excessive Z-axis deflection on the health and viability of the tissue preparation has been much discussed since the publication of Jonas et al (2003) and the 7000smz-2 will now deliver perfect sections every time with sub-micaron Z-axis deflection across a wide range of vibration speeds and amplitudes. The affordable 5100mz-Plus offers almost the same features with Z-axis deflection of 1-2µm at all vibration speeds and amplitudes, which is less than most other microtomes on the market.

The all-new user interface is both easy to use and versatile. The 7000smz-2 and both 5100mz models
offer similar operation at the press of a button. The versatility includes simple operation at the push of a button or a range of changeable and programmable parameters and a menu enables the settings of your own preferences.

The 7000smz-2 also gives a longevity of performance. It not only gives sub-micron performance out-of-the-box, but the advance vibrating mechanism does not contain bearings and other components subject to wear. Consequently, it will retain the sub-micron Z-axis deflection performance for years to come, giving consistency in biological preparations.

Tissue cooling is accomplished using either an ice-water bath or an electronically controlled thermo-electric cooler. Other options include a LED cold light source and a magnifier or a stereomicroscope for clear observation whilst slicing.

The new 5100mz series Vibrating Microtomes share the user interface with the premium 7000smz-2, placing a wide range of adjustable parameters at the user's fingertips. Use in manual or the semi-automated "slice window" mode which automatically remembers the start and finish position of the slice.

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Vibrating Microtomes 7000smz-2

Vibrating Microtome 7000smz-2

Sku: E7000SMZ-2

The 7000smz-2 is a high precision vibrating microtome and provides finest tissue slicing for preparations for visual patch clamping or high-resolution imaging. With a Z-axis deflection of less than 1µm across a wide range of vibration speeds and amplitudes, the tissue slicer delivers healthy viable sections of all biological tissues. The 7000smz-2 represents an advanced high precision microtome and is supplied with its own Z-axis calibration verifier.

Vibrating Microtomes 5100mz-Plus

Vibrating Microtomes 5100mz-Plus

Sku: E5100MZ-Plus

The 5100-Plus is perfect for those who need to keep slices viable for longer, e.g. for electrophysiological field recordings. The user can calibrate the Z-axis deflection of the blade to 2µm with the adjustable blade holder and "optical" calibration device. Minimal Z-axis deflection reduces the "chatter" and minimizes damage to the slice surface, leading to greater viability of the cells on the slice surface.

Vibrating Microtomes 5100mz

Vibrating Microtomes 5100mz

Sku: E5100MZ

The 5100mz is a very competitively priced, high precision, vibrating microtome which shares many features with the top of the range 7000smz series, such as the vibrating mechanism, the inner and outer tissue baths and the easy to use control system.

This new entry level microtome is perfect for techniques such as histology, organotype slice culture and low-resolution imaging with a fixed blade holder and a mechanism Z-axis error rate of 5-8µm.